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Venus Isle Statistics


Venus Isle is a small LPmud running the Amylaar 3.02.1 driver (patch level 134.) The mud runs on Celestial Haven's server, which is equipped with three 200MHz Pentium Pro processors, 128 MB of memory and a T-1 connection. Needless to say, equipment such as this allows the mud to run swiftly, even when it is inundated by elaborate heart beat code.

The mud has been online since late 1996, which makes it a recent mud, but no longer a fresh start-up. All told, there are approximately 200 wizards and players currently. While this sounds like a puny number, it really isn't. Inactive players are routinely deleted to prevent names from being eternally claimed, meaning that thousands of players have tried this game over the last two and a half years.

The mud lib is based on LPmud 2.4.6, which has been heavily modified to suit our needs. It is composed of more than 4000 files, which collectively claim roughly 10 mb of disk space. Development has always proceeded with the goal of maximum storage efficiency without impairing possible features. This ensures that we will be able to continue expansion far into the future.

Web page info, credits, and copyright information:

This web page was assembled by Orion. The image in the "Introduction" segment is an original picture, authored by the creative talents of Mokey. Nice work.

This web page, the theme and original portions of Venus Isle itself are copyrighted by Andy Dreier, aka "Orion" 1998-2000.

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