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About Venus Isle

The sword is your only ally. Caution is crucial for survival. A victim is merely someone unlucky enough to be less truculently armed than his assailants.         Introduction to Venus Isle    About the Guilds  Venus Isle Statistics    About the Areas   Connect to Venus Isle    Misc. Information Player's Pages              Back to the Top

About Venus Isle

Upon entering the Isles, you will find that problem solving abilities are of the essence. Marooned on a tiny islet, your first basal challange is to find passage to the more principal surrounding bodies of land. Once this has been accomplished, your only mission is to advance your combative skills, while carefully shying from Death's malign grasp.
The inhabitants of our artificial Terra thrive on a combination of carnage and perplexing quests. Both of these facets will be simplified by attaining knowledge of more elaborate and obscure spells and fighting techniques. Many formal guilds exist on the Isles for the purpose of propagating these specialized crafts. All told, your profession controls much of your fate. You must choose your path with all of the cautious sagacity you can muster.

About the Areas

The areas of Venus Isle are diverse. The game (as its name suggests) is composed of several different islands, some large enough that the ambient environment varies severely within the same islet. The areas are a critical part of the game, and a good knowledge of them is required for true mastery. All in all, there are four large islands and two more diminutive islets.
Everything ties into the areas. Intertwined with them are the quests, which can, although not required for advancement, propel players to new heights, with added benefits over the normal combat advancement. Currently there are six quests of varying difficulty scattered throughout the Isles.

About the Guilds

The guilds are an integral part of life within the Isles. They provide advanced combative and spell knowledge, as well as helping to identify your character traits. For the furthering of goodness or of evil, pledging yourself to a guild is virtually a necessity.
Options for your profession that you might choose from include the guilds of the Sorcerers, Rangers, Clerics, Vikings, Druids, and Paladins. It is rumored by some that guilds of other lifestyles such as Vampires and Necromancers may be planning to infiltrate the Isles in the near future as well. Choose your profession wisely; your life may depend on it.